Welcome to Eden Outpost • Please note that currently we only ship products to the 48 contiguous states in the USA

Shipping Rates

Shipping Policy

Due to the uniqueness of our products we have an 8 to 14 day shipping window. Sometimes it will take less and sometimes more time, but on average it should be in the 8 to 14 day window. Don't worry, our products are well worth waiting for and they will, in most cases, give you great service for many years to come.>

Shipping rates are often difficult to calculate and are ever changing, so we have the following shipping policy in place to protect both our customers and ourselves from undue loss. We ship only to the contiguous 48 states in the USA.

• Shipping Charges in our store are set according to weight ranges for our products and this is not always accurate in relation to actual costs charged by various shipping agencies, therefore our ongoing shipping policy is this: we will gladly refund any shipping amount you are charged that is over and beyond the actual shipping costs, which are incurred by Eden Outpost, for any given order.

(Shipping Amount Charged at time of order - the Actual Order Shipping Cost = Shipping Refund Amount).

In some cases you may be actually undercharged for shipping and we will absorb those differences and then adjust our future rates accordingly, so that our losses remain minimal.

• We will adjust our shipping rates for products as often as actual shipping costs change.

•We deal with many different product vendors who each use different shipping methods, therefore it may take some time to get our store shipping charges into balance with real world shipping charges. No matter what, we will be fair to our customers and will gladly refund any charges that are over the actual shipping costs. There may be a few days between order and refund due to varying processing times between order placement with Eden Outpost and order fulfillment by our various vendors. Thank you for your patience in this matter. Our overall goal is to charge our customers only for actual shipping costs incurred by Eden Outpost.

Here are our current shipping rates according to weight. This chart is subject to change as required by real world shipping costs.